it’s just that, once upon a time, like they always say, we really were in love.. i remember feeling it when you touched me. i remember seeing it when i would look into your eyes. i remember you suddenly being all that i could imagine needing. i remember you being there for me, to push me when i was lazy, to hug me when i was sad, and to remind me that you believed in me when i started to doubt myself. we were in this shit together and then you left. and it didn’t just happen like that. some many things happened before. so many things changed. you said things to me i never thought you could say, you did things i told myself you weren’t capable of, and you became this person that i didn’t know, that i didn’t love. and you said the same things about me. you said that i brought out the worst of you, and you told me i changed, and i was so sure that i hadn’t, but maybe i have, and maybe that’s okay. so when it’s cold at night and i’m alone why do i still ask myself what we did wrong. 

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Posted on Sunday, 30 December
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